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Free Online Wedding Planner βeta
MatrimonyPlanner is a Free Online Wedding Planning Tool which enables easy, collaborated wedding planning.

Plan & Manage Your Wedding Events
Plan and manage multiple wedding events, including pre and post-wedding events, like..
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties,
  • Betrothal/Engagement,
  • Wedding Ceremony,
  • Wedding Receptions (possibly in multiple cities or even countries),
  • Honeymoon trips and
  • Post-Wedding parties for relatives, friends and colleagues.

Maintain details of the Events including date and time, expected number of guests and the venue details. Choose the venue from our database of venues (currently available for Chennai, India alone) or enter the venue details directly. Also add descriptive notes related to the event.
Event Details
Manage Vendors and Service Providers
The Online Wedding Planner enables one to identify and maintain details of Vendors and Service providers associated to each of the events and to add detailed notes on details agreed upon with the vendor/service provider, for further reference.
  • Wedding Coordinators,
  • Photographers/Videographers,
  • Caterers,
  • Wedding Orchestra/DJs,
  • Gift vendors,
  • Decorators,
  • Bakery,
  • Flowerist,
  • Tailors,
  • Cabs/Travel services,
  • Guest-houses/Hotels,
  • Invitation Cards, etc.,.
Wedding Invitation Wedding Cake
Maintain Task Lists
Add and track action items related to the events.
  • Maintain a list of To-Do items, associated for each of the events.
  • Add notes to each task, with relevant details required to complete the task.
  • Assign owners for each of the task (Owner can be one of Bride, Groom, or members from a core action group).
  • Mark the expected date of completion of the task and configure reminder emails/SMS*.
Pending Task List
Manage Guest Lists
One of the important features of MatrimonyPlanner's Online Wedding Planner tool is its ability to manage Guest Lists with ease.

When adding entries for guests to be invited, specify details like
  • Whether they are Bride-side or Groom-side guest,
  • Events for which they are to be invited,
  • Mode of invite (In Person, Letter, E-Mail, etc.,.)
  • Additional tags - may be something like Relative, School, Work, Vegetarian, Requires Accommodation, etc.,.
Based on such categorizations and tagging, one can easily generate printable lists.

Assuming the Bride's family is visiting Anna Nagar to personally invite relatives for Betrothal, one can generate a printable address list for..
Guests of Bride in Chennai, Anna Nagar tagged as Relative to be invited In Person for Betrothal

// underlined words denote filter conditions
Assuming the Groom requires a printable address list for mailing invitations for the Wedding Reception, he can generate a (sticker-paper) printable address list matching the colors and fonts of the invitation envelope design..
Guests of Groom to be invited by Letter for Wedding Reception

// underlined words denote filter conditions
Snapshot of such a printable address list, using different templates, is given below. When using this feature, make sure you turn on "Print Background (Colors & images)" in the Page Setup options. Printable Address List

You may also import your Contact lists from GMail/Outlook or any mail client (export your contacts to Outlook format and import them into MatrimonyPlanner) and sending out personalized E-Mail invitations from within MatrimonyPlanner, using template-based/Mail-Merge features

Template based Email Invitations
Notice the {{NAME}} used in the content of the email and the "Append Event Details" option enabled in the above template. When sending an email to the guest using the above template, the templates parameters will get replaced. Also the event details, for all events to which the template has been associated to, will be appended.
Template based Email Invitations - Sent Mail Details
Links added as a footer to the email are also displayed in the email details. This includes options to report of possible wrong email-ids and RSVP links.

Other options like setting a background image for the sticker-paper printable address list, so as to match with the invitation cover, reminder notifications for task owners and reminders for guests at a designated dates prior to the wedding, are to be made available in subsequent upgrades.

Wishing you a calm and controlled planning and management of Wedding Events and for a Happy Married Life, there after !!

MatrimonyPlanner is a hosted online wedding planning software, which means you do NOT require to install any software.
Just login with your normal (details..), and start using the tool right away.

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